About My Work

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.35.29 PMHi My name is Alexis,
Welcome beautiful sister to my page. I guide women back to the source of their power; using spiritual tools and technologies that help women to make permanent shifts and transformations in their life.
The work I do is perfect for women going through;
  • Break Ups and Divorce
  • Major life transitions
  • At a crossroads
  • Health Crisis
  • Weight loss
  • Bullying & Abuse
  • Mid-life Crisis
  • Shifting old stuck grief
  • Deep mental health issues
My work can can help you;
  • Shift into your power
  • Take control of your life and mindset
  • Get what you want out of life
  • Find out why your not happy
  • Get to the heart of what is keeping you stuck and blocked
  • Help you manifest what you want
  • Improve your self esteem and confidence
  • Learn assertiveness
  • Find your authentic voice
  • Find your authentic happiness
  • Find meaning and purpose
  • Find ways to cope, endure, and thrive through difficult times.

A little more about me and my story; Four years ago I went through an intense spiritual transformation and awakening for the second time in my life. It’s changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined, I have in fact done a complete 180 degree transformation, and was reborn.  I struggled for most of my life with powerlessness and bullying, and it was through healing myself that I found the passion and the power to step up as a healer, coach, and teacher to reclaim my life and rewrite my story.  I have made it my personal life mission to help women find theirs.
I found my voice and power through blogging and helping others and now I want to help you. I am working on a memoir about how I recovered from a deep existential crisis in 2013 that led to numerous suicide attempts and a long  period of my life where I didn’t work or leave the house.  I found my way out of the darkness and I know I can help you too. I can’t wait to finish my memoir because I know it will inspire and give hope to many, but more importantly I want to share the numerous unconventional tools and practices that helped me shift permanently into my power.
Please connect with me on FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM or my group. I micro-blog tons of free tips, tools, and other original content.
I am excited to talk and work with you.

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